For the above mentioned reasons people like to keep their dogs in day care instead of leaving them alone. These benefits have made these facilities irresistible. Do you feel anxiety when separated from your loved ones? The same happen with your dog. When you give your dog to others or leave it at a day care, anxiety can affect them for first few days. This case is not same with all the dogs. But dogs which feel the stress when separated will face troubles. There are some symptoms which will let you know that the dog is stressed. If not treated, it can result in grave problems.

Common symptoms:

Whining, barking and howling are very common symptoms. Lack of appetite and energy indicates that there is something wrong. Dogs usually start to run in circle or follow the owner when the person is about to leave. If you see these symptoms in your dog, it is high time it treat them carefully to get the canine healthy. The risk is higher if it is a pup and to help your puppy you can leave it under the supervision of a puppy day care Sydney.

How to Treat the Condition:

Dogs are intelligent enough to learn new command and things easily. You have to utilise its skill to make it feel relaxed. The first thing is to be patient. You cannot achieve anything by ignoring or yelling at the dog. Rather you will have to be patient to let it learn to be alone and not feel anxious. Make the dog feel that it is safe in that pace. You will have to make a bond with it in order to make it learn new things. To create a bond, play or go for a walk with it. This will help the dog to use energy and relax. Keep the place as safe as possible to get it relaxed even when alone. A dog day care can also provide you with necessary ways.

Leave your scent:

Dogs have a tremendous smelling power and make use of that. A dog can remember the smell of the owner and this smell will help it to relax. While going out or leaving it in a day care facility, leave one of your clothing with it. This scent will make it feel familiar in the place and will feel less stressed.


Dogs connect well with their favorite things. While leaving it alone give its favourite plaything to spend time with. The dog will be busy with these things and won’t try to find you.